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This sale is for a 1980s Omega Sensor Digital Watch Shop Display unit

Omega Cal 1640 . These were cutting edge technology from 1980 and the first watch with a touch sensitive panel for operating . The panel with - --------- + on it is used to select the mode and also used to set the time and other features . A quick swipe of the panel advances or retards the hours and a slow swipe does the same for mins . This watch is jam packed with functions and easy to operate . Its features are Chronograph , Timer ( countdown ) , Alarm 1 ( rendezvous ) , Alarm 2 ( wake up ) , Hour signal , Agenda 1 ( memorizing date ) , Agenda 2 ( memorizing second date ) , T2 ( another time zone ) and finally Calendar . All of these functions can be operated with the time still displayed at the same time on the top screen . 

This is a very rare and seldom seen item . It would have been the demo unit on the counter top when you went to buy your Omega Sensor watch in the 80s . It does have the same caliber 1640 movement but set in this large display unit with large buttons and swipe panel . Includes a turnable barrel with instructions . There are a couple of scratches as can be seen . Please see all pictures for condition . Generally it is excellent and hardly used . In perfect working order , especially after the famous Dr Peter Wenzig has recently had his hands on it . These rare digitals are becoming more and more scarce and very hard to find so make a great investment.

 Measures approximately 7" x 7" x 2 3/4"

Omega Quartz Sensor LCD Digital Vintage Watch 1980s Touch Panel ,Demo Display

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