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Frequently asked questions - Retro Watches 

Why buy a Vintage Watch ?

These vintage watches are not available on the high street . Most of my watches are new old stock and have been out of public reach for 40 years or so . These are not only a great investment but pretty awesome to wear and collect . Going up in value faster than your money in the bank . Be individual when wearing yours , knowing no one else you know will have one on their wrist . 

What Does NOS / New Old Stock Mean ?

I am lucky enough to have contacts with vintage watch stock that was made many years ago . Never used and never sold to the public . This is known as new old stock , or abbreviated to NOS .

What is a Caliber ( Cal )  ?

The watch Caliber is the movement inside , or in other words the mechanical or quartz workings that makes these vintage watches tick . Often watchmakers buy in movements from other companies instead of their own in house movements . A lot of my watches have excellent movements made by the likes of Valjoux , ETA , ESA , EB , AS , MSR and so on . Even Rolex and omega fitted movements from outside companies for there watches . All correct and original .

Does my watch come in a box ?

All watches are sent out well packaged in a box . Unless stated it will not have an original box but will have a generic watch box to protect your purchase in the post . 

Will my watch need a service ?

All watches are serviced or inspected and deemed not in need of a service . Your watch is guaranteed to be in good working order for 12 months . New batteries are fitted to all quartz watches before posting and should not need replacing for at least 12 months .

Does my watch come with instructions ?

I will send instructions if needed but generally most people know how to use wind up and automatic watches . Help is always given when needed . Also plenty of youtube and google searches are very in depth about the use of mechanical watches . 

Can i use my watch in water ?

Generally speaking never use a vintage watch anywhere near water unless it has been resealed / pressure tested for this . 

This also means not to be near steam such as leaving on a shelf in the bathroom whilst taking a shower , or wearing whilst washing the dishes ( even if you think it is not getting wet ) .

How do i care for my watch ?

Like any watch or item of value common sense should be used to care for your item . For instance there is no sense in wearing a watch whilst using a hammer due to jarring action , or working on your car with your arm in the engine bay scratching your prized watch . You would not rub your mobile phone about in an engine bay so please take as much care of your watch as you would with your phone . Look after your watch and it will give you years of pleasure and punctuality .

Do i sell on ebay ?

You may buy my vintage watches from me on ebay . My prices are higher on there due to the additional ebay seller fees . If you prefer to use ebay then please find me on ebay . My username is " Myretrowatches " . I also sell on another account " Justabouttime "  

Links are here to help you find me quickly .

Do i repair watches ?

All of my vintage watches are guaranteed for 12 months . But i have an excellent and very competitively priced watchmaker so often i am happy to help you have your own watch service / repaired when possible . please use the contact page with information about your watch / pictures and let me know of any issues that i can help you with , 

Can i value your watch ?

If you have a vintage watch i am always happy to help value it for you . Use the contact details and send me pictures with a few words about the condition and working order and i will get back to you as soon as possible .

Will i buy your vintage watch ?

Always looking for fresh stock . New or second hand is welcome . But i do not deal in watches from the 1990s or later generally . If you do have an unusual or rare watch then i will step outside of my age range in certain circumstance . 

If you have a vintage watch , or even watches ....then please send me an email with some pictures , a few words about condition and working order plus a rough idea of what you are looking to g

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