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Retro Watches History 

My background is in engineering and not as a watch maker but have always been fascinated how these miniature marvels of mechanics work and fit into such fascinating and varied designed watch cases . Most desirable to me are vintage watches , a great representative of fashion of their time as well as the latest technology in engineering and electronics . Vintage watches are a wearable and very desirable true time capsule .

 With this interest i started off collecting those watches that i was most drawn to by their looks ( i love 1970s styling the most ) and their mechanics . My first watch was the one i still owned from being ten years old in 1978 which was a Sekonda wind up watch given to me by my parents for Christmas . My next watch was a Seiko which ended up being one of my most favorite brands . Then as i turned late teens i got the collecting bug and needed more and more vintage watches , trawling around second hand shops and markets to slate my thirst  for this clockwork magic . I have not looked back since . I did not know back then that they were also a very good investment . My collection was all about my love of the watches i bought and the need to show them off on my wrist .

 My huge passion for vintage watches and many many years of unrelenting collecting naturally progressed into selling watches and finding the best condition items i can so other people can share this passion .

 So i set up Retro-Watches which now sources vintage watches from all over the world . Many of the watches i have are acquired in multiple quantities as they are from wholesalers old stock rather than ex-watch shop stock . I only sell genuine period , vintage and original items mostly from 1960s or 1970s and some a little earlier or later . 

 I have been trading watches since 2003 with well over 20'000 transactions and many thousands of happy customers as well as supplying watches to the film industry for leading actors in films as well as watches for other period programs .

 Having happy customers as well as many customers making repeated purchases has allowed me to make this my full time job . Retro-Watches has never left any customer with a watch they did not want or like and has brought pleasure and memories to those who now wear and collect watches from my stock . Continued sourcing of different stock and the finding of new old stock hidden gems , with most of my watches not available anywhere else will mean i will be here for many years into the future so please come back to see my latest finds . Everything gets sold out and none of these watches will be on here forever so do not miss out . 

 You will find my stock updated with more items at least once a month . If you do not find anything you like now then you are more than welcome back any time even if just to window shop . I pride myself in detailed descriptions and pictures so you can clearly see what you are buying and my customer service is prompt and friendly . 

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